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Jambo Book Club Boxes

On the left, our first JambArt Box, designed by Beatrice Ajayi.

On the right, the contents of prior Jambo Book Club boxes


What's Inside?

Jambo Book Club sends your child two gorgeous high-quality books each month that stars a child of color in a key role. 

The stories show that people of color can star in stories that aren't historical or cultural in focus. The typical story arc is more "Maria adopts a dog" or "Evan and friends get pizza after baseball."

The books come in gorgeous packaging and are addressed to your child, who will be excited to receive a package in the mail.

Jambo Book Club makes it easy for you to share the gift of reading with a child.

Represent your World

Finding children's books with characters that more accurately represent the rich diversity of modern America is hard. In fact, a recent university study found that only 14% of children's books published in 2015 had a nonwhite main character. 

Today's America is diverse and growing more so by the day. 

Give your child the benefit of inclusive values from her earliest reading experiences.


Great Stories

Finding great stories is the top priority for each Jambo Book Club book. Captivating stories engage your child, helping to reinforce a love of reading.


How It Works

1. Tell Us About Your Child

Each book is chosen especially for your child.

2. We curate your books

Jambo selects books appropriate for your child's age.

3. Enjoy monthly books

Books will come every month, addressed to your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jambo Book Club?

Jambo Book Club sends your child two high-quality books each month that star a child of color in a key role in a fun story.  

How does it work?

First, tell us about your child. Then, every month our editors will choose 2 books for your child. Your child will receive them in a special box decorated 

What ethnicities can I expect to see represented in my child's books?

All of them! One of our values at Jambo is Inclusivity, so we want to represent all people of color in our books. You can expect to receive books about black, hispanic, east asian, south asian and Native American children.

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