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Best of Jambo 2021 for 5-6 year old readers


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If you missed these books in our boxes, you can still get them here!

Stop That Yawn! - illustrations leap off the page detailing one little girl’s mission to defeat sleep. She drags her grandmother to Never Sleeping City and battles to keep a stray yawn from derailing her plans to never sleep again. Can she do it?

Rosie the Dragon and Charlie Make Waves - Welcome to summer with Rosie and Charlie. They hit the pool creating lots of waves and lots of fun!

Laxmi's Mooch - inspired by a true story, Laxmi’s friends point out that she has a “mooch”, a mustache, and she’s horrified. Her parents help her understand how natural and beautiful a mooch can be. And now everyone wants one! Hindi/Urdu words are sprinkled throughout.

Max E. James: Crash Course - Brothers Max and Cody love video games, but their parents have the great idea to bring the game to life with real go-karts. There, the boys encounter Racer X - will they ever win against the elusive driver?

Grab this bundle of 3 hardcover books and one early chapter book worth $61 for only $43! And don't forget to include a message for your gift recipient at checkout!

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