Because Stories Matter

At Jambo, we believe that the stories we tell our  children matter.

From their youngest years, children learn who and what we value. We continually reinforce this conception with the stories we tell them and the characters in those stories.

Jambo Book Club believes it is important for children to read stories about children that look like them, as well as their neighbors who do not look like them.

Jambo Book Club is dedicated to ensuring that children learn that all people are important, and that all people belong.

Jambo Book Club believes that through stories for children, we can help create a better world.


How it all started

The founders of Jambo Books are raising two young daughters. We try to read to them every day, so we go through a lot of stories! Over the years, we've been amazed at the high quality of some of the stories. But at the same time, we have been dismayed by the lack of diversity of the characters in those books. We worked hard to select books for our girls that are more representative of our local community. But we always thought "should it be this hard?"

So we decided to share our work and make it easier for other families. Thus, Jambo Books was born!

Happy reading!

Runako and Mijha

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